Dearborn's Most Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Dumpster

If you are in the Metro-Detroit area, Wayne County, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights or Redford Charter Township areas, we can definitely deliver a dumpster to your area. If you're in a surrounding area, contact us and find out if we can deliver to you.
Most of the time we are able to deliver a dumpster the same day it is ordered, if not, you'll definitely receive one within the next 24 hours! Same day delivery or in the next 24 hours sounds like a pretty good deal if you're in a pickle.
Yes, our Dearborn Dumpsters from Bin There Dump That have a footprint of a minivan! So, if your driveway can fit a minivan - our dumpsters will fit there too!
Of course! Dumpster availability in Dearborn is great in the snowiest and blowiest of seasons. We ask you to please clear and shovel your driveway for the dumpster rental to ensure traction on wet and slippery surfaces.
It depends on the size dumpster you decide to rent, all our pricing is listed on our website. Visit our pricing page or contact us for more information.
It depends on what you're doing to need a waste removal company and what you're willing to do. If you're okay with doing the labor yourself and getting rid of an extra thing or two then a dumpster rental from Dearborn Bin There Dump That is right for you. For more information on this, visit our Junk Removal Vs. Dumpster Rental Guide.
Just about any waste disposal project! Are you doing a major home renovation? Use a dumpster! Are you decluttering your whole home? Rent a dumpster! Are you selling your home and relocating? A perfect time to rid yourself of pesky furniture items that won't make the move! Book your dumpster today!
Bin There Dump That is different from many other dumpster rental companies because of the services that we offer on top of the regular dumpster rental. We offer driveway protection so that the dumpster rental NEVER touches the driveway. We also sweep up around the dumpster rental when we pick it up to make sure we get any fallen debris that didn't make it into the dumpster rental.
Yes! We are part of a franchise but we are locally owned! After working in real estate, I noticed that there was a lack of competent dumpster rentals. I found  that when I needed a dumpster, I had to call numerous places and still had to wait for a call back. Most of the time I didn't receive a call back. Therefore, we opened Bin There Dump That Dearborn and now proudly serve lean, green, dumpster rentals around the area.
If you do, please don't hesitate to contact a Bin There Dump That dumpster consultant who will gladly answer any and every question regarding your dumpster rental.

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Friendly, professional customer service, plus fair pricing, equals value.