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Grosse Ile is a unique and beautiful place to raise a family. It may be part of Wayne county, but the island has its own vibrant personality. Bin There Dump That is honored to serve the area as its residential dumpster pros. We believe we offer the best service experience in the dumpster industry for homeowners and here’s how we do it.

Live and Timely Customer Service

It starts with a friendly voice when you dial our number. That might not sound like an important feature, but we believe it is. How many times have you sat on the end of a phone line frustrated because you can’t find an extension that leads to a live person in an automated answering system? We’re betting quite a few. At Bin There Dump That we don’t believe in them. We believe the best approach and best way to service our customers is to answer the phone live when they call. It starts our relationship off on the right foot and we aim to keep it going from there.

Driveway Protection – A Simple, But Effective Tool

The next step in our quest to provide our customers with the best possible service is to make sure their property is treated as well as we treat our own or better. We do that with some simple tools and methods. One of them is to place protective boards down on your driveway before we lower our dumpster. This barrier between our bin and your property protects it from scratches and other damage. It’s this attention to the little things that we believe separates us from the competition.

Sweeping Up After Project Completion

One of the last steps we take to service our customers is also one of the most important – we sweep up after the projects complete. We don’t complain that we didn’t create the mess – we simply make sure the clean up around the bin is finished before we go. It’s a minor task for us, but it goes a long way in growing our relationship with you, the customer.

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Local Guide to Grosse Ile

After the sweep ups finished and we’re out of your way you’ll have some time to appreciate Grosse Ile. This is a great community and here are some of our favorite places to visit you might want to check out for yourself.

West Shore Golf and Country Club

Originally founded as the Island Country Club in 1908, West Shore Golf and Country Club has been the islands best golf course for more than a century. If you’re looking to improve your golf game and enjoy the great outdoors it’s the ideal spot.

Grosse Ile Nature Area

If you want to experience the natural environment of Grosse Ile as it was before major settlement in the area there’s nothing quite like the Grosse Ile Nature Area. This nature preserve features native grasslands, marshes and natural wooded areas. It’s a great place to hike, nature watch and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for a few hours.

Old Spokes Home of Grosse Ile

Almost every town has a museum or two, but none of them are quite like the Old Spokes Home of Grosse Ile. On-site is a small museum dedicated to the history of the bicycle. Here you can see what your parents, grandparents and great grandparents used to ride in their youth. It’s a fun experience for the whole family.

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