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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Melvindale's Dumpster Rental Experts - Bin There Dump That is Ready To Serve The Community

Melvindale is a heart and soul Michigan community with strong values and Bin There Dump That is the area’s residential dumpster experts. If you’re undergoing a home renovation project, a spring garage cleanout or having your roof redone we have a dumpster for you. We’re not just another waste removal company that happens to focus on the residential market. Here are a few things that make us different.

A Friendly Voice in Seconds Not Minutes

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to sit on hold for 15 minutes or more waiting for someone to talk to? We’re guessing probably not. At Bin There Dump That we do things a little differently than many other businesses. We actually pick up the phone and answer you live when you call.

Driveway Protection to Prevent Scratches

You may have the odd scratch on your driveway already, but you probably don’t want any more. We want to help you with the desire to keep your driveway looking good and that’s why we supply all of our delivery personnel with a set of boards that they lay down in every driveway before they lower a dumpster on a homeowner’s property. This creates a barrier between our heavy bin and your asphalt or concrete for extra driveway protection.

Sweeping Up Obstacles and Debris

If you’ve ever walked on a construction site, chances are you had to work your way around a few obstacles and debris. As a homeowner, that’s not really how you want your property to look, but if you’ve just finished a home renovation project it may look a bit like that. At Bin There Dump That we believe all of that debris should be in our dumpster not on your driveway. Before we leave we’ll sweep up anything left behind around the bin and tarp it so that nothing falls out again before we leave.

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Why Melvindale, MI is the Place To Be

Melvindale is a great place to raise a family and if you’re new to the area there’s a good chance that’s why you’ve decided to join our community. Now that your project’s over you can explore the area and find out what we’re talking about. Here are some of the highlights of what we like most.

Melvindale Skate Park

If you have teenage children there’s a great skate park in the community to help them burn off some energy. The Melvindale Skate Park isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to help keep the older children out of trouble on a Saturday night in the summer. There’s no reason a brave mom or dad couldn’t join in the fun either!

Kemeny Park

Kemeny Park sits on the outskirts of Melvindale and it’s a great place for the whole family to get together. There’s a nice playground for the kids, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking areas and a picnic ground for a family BBQ.

Fairlane Green Shopping Mall

You’ll find just about everything you need at the Fairlane Green Shopping Mall. There are stores in every category and some great restaurants as well. The Longhorn Steakhouse is highly recommended.

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