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Renting Residential Friendly Dumpsters to Homeowners and Contractors in Southgate, Michigan

Southgate is one of central Wayne County’s oldest communities and continues to be one of its best. It’s a place you can still raise a family and feel safe. Bin There Dump That is the area’s premier provider of residential dumpster service and a proud member of the community. Here are some of our service features that have helped us become one of the areas and the nation’s best.

Friendly Live Customer Service Reps

There’s always a friendly customer service rep waiting for your call. We’re not blowing smoke here – we believe in answering the phone live and in person when you call for a quote. You’ll never wait in an automated line-up – we still believe the personal touch is the best way to go and it seems that our customers agree with us.

Driveway Protection for Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever seen the damage a dumpster can do to a driveway first-hand you may be having second thoughts about renting one. That’s understandable. It’s also why we make sure that our residential dumpster delivery experts always place wooden boards down on your driveway before they lower the dumpster where you want it. This protective layer offers you some peace of mind and prevents scratches, gouges or other potential issues.

Sweeping Up Instead of Flat Tires

Flat tires are never fun, especially if you get one right in your own driveway. This may seem unlikely, but it’s not if you’ve rented a dumpster and you’ve been disposing of waste materials in it while it sits in your driveway. We find this is a frequent problem when customers are renting a dumpster for a new roof installation – those roofing nails can be a hazard. To prevent this, our delivery and removal experts will sweep up your driveway of any debris before they leave with the full dumpster.

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Learning More About The Southgate Community

After you’ve finished overseeing the install of your new roof, there are plenty of things to do right in Southgate. We’ve included a brief guide to some of our favorites below. They’re a great place to start if you’re new to Southgate or if you just want to get to know your hometown a little better.

Southgate Historical Museum

The Southgate Historical Museum is a small museum dedicate to preserving the communities past. It features fantastic displays from different eras in Southgate’s past and it’s a great way to teach children about the community they live in. The museum isn’t open daily, but the public can visit the first weekend of every month. They also accept special requests for tours.

Southgate Community Players

If you enjoy theater and you want to support local talent you can accomplish both goals with a visit to the Southgate Community Players. This small theater features productions that are homegrown and ones that promote local actors. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining way to pass a few hours as well.

Market Center Park

One of the most unique outdoor experiences available in Southgate is at Market Center Park. As the name suggests, the park is located at the heart of a shopping center – in this case, Southgate Shopping Center. After you have had your fill of shopping for the day you can head over to the park for a little family time.

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